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The Chilli Bar

Since 1997

Where Old Friends Meet


Buy ANY Large Pizza

FREE Medium Margarita


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2 for 1 cocktails 12pm  - 10pm daily



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The famous bunny chow Friday



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5 Victoria Road, Plumstead, 7800

The Chilli bar has become a multi-generational hot spot, Turning 26 years old.

We have carved our names in the hearts of our patrons by providing a service of the highest quality. We feel experienced yet full of vibrancy and a zest for life in this ever-evolving industry of people, food, drinks and social mingling.



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At chilli bar we form strong bonds, because it is a honor and a pleasure to witness people from all over the world coming to experience what we have to offer.


It is the constant changes in fashion and the influence of energy that keep the adrenaline running.

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The famous bunny chow

Discover our signature dish - the Curry Bunny! Juicy lamb, aromatic Indian spices, fluffy bread. The perfect comfort food for any occasion!


Lamb Curry Pizza

Experience a flavor explosion with Chilli Bar's lamb curry pizza - slow-cooked lamb, curry sauce, and mozzarella cheese on a crispy crust.

A must-try dish!

Gin & Tonic

Refresh and unwind with our premium gin and tonic  Perfect for any occasion, come try it for yourself at our bar and restaurant today!

Classic cocktails

Sharp refreshing blends available all day

all cocktails are 2 for 1 from 12pm - 10pm

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At 18, I embarked on a Middle East backpacking journey, later traveling the world and working various jobs to sustain my adventures.


These experiences taught me to adapt and appreciate diverse perspectives.


I decided to create a business reflecting my passions, leading to the birth of the Chilli Bar, offering food, drinks, and social interaction.


It has thrived for 26 years, forming strong connections with patrons and embracing change.


The Chilli Bar welcomes visitors from around the world, serving as a dynamic hotspot.

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