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Our Story


Around the age of 18, I embarked on a backpacking adventure in the Middle East and found myself creating a home there between 1992 and 1997. From Israel i found myself traveling the world living paycheck to pay check. I took on various jobs to make ends meet, ensuring i could pay for my hostel accommodations and have a drink with fellow backpackers every night.


These experiences taught me a valuable lesson on the importance adapting to new environments, as we shared music, broke barriers, and immersed ourselves in a new perspective of life. It felt like beach bumming on one hand, but on the other it became my university.  To earn one day? What i wanted to do when i turned 50? And what to do until then? If i found a great job, what would i do with my earnings?

During these periods of contemplation i realized that we work to pay for things, only to start over again at the end of each month. That's when it hit me - Why not open a business that offers things i genuinely enjoy?  Thus, i started  thinking about the elements i wanted in my business : food, beer, social interaction, a unique international experience, and staying ahead of the times.

With each passing thought, the idea of opening my own back packers hostel took shape. I knew i couldn't work for someone else permanently, but i was willing to learn the ropes from someone else. Upon my return home , I worked in mom's takeaways, currently where our restaurant is. I bought the video store next door and that space became the birth of The Chilli bar.​

The Chilli bar has become a multi-generational hot spot, Turning 26 years old.

We have carved our names in the hearts of our patrons by providing a service of the highest quality. We feel experienced yet full of vibrancy and a zest for life in this ever-evolving industry of people, food, drinks and social mingling.

At chilli bar we form strong bonds, because it is a honor and a pleasure to witness people from all over the world coming to experience what we have to offer. It is the constant changes in fashion and the influence of energy that keep the adrenaline running. so whenever you're in town, stop by the coolest joint around.

~ The Chilli Bar

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